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How is it possible to do MASTER without IELTS in Australia?

Sounds superficial, right? Too good to be true. But fortunately, it is actually true and possible. Whenever a student thinks of studying abroad the first thing that comes to his/her mind is the English proficiency test and how to clear it. For some students due to various reasons, it gets tough. Now, to give the exam again and again, which is so expensive, and to feel burnt out should not be the only way to study abroad, right?

After thinking of students and being empathetic to their situations and dreams, a few universities in Australia have made an arrangement for students to apply for and study the master program without giving the exam of English proficiency, which is mainly IELTS. Now, this is zilch but a huge sigh of relief for the students who have been scared of giving the exam of IELTS or not clearing it. To be scared of not getting to go abroad and fulfill your dreams is a huge concern.

Talking about IELTS, the universities do understand that if a person is unable to clear IELTS that doesn’t imply that he or she doesn’t know the language of English and also the universities of Australia know this as well that if a person has already been scoring well in the subject of English all through the school and graduation, then he or she doesn’t need to spend time preparing for an exam that will test something that they are already and anyways good at.

Considering all the above-mentioned points, the educational institutions of Australia have created such a pathway for students that they can now easily go and study in their dream destination.

To study at the University of Newcastle and Griffith University, there are certain criteria that have to be fulfilled, which is mentioned below


1. The student needs to be graduated no earlier than 2018
2. Must have the graduation degree from a SECTION 1 University which comes under the NOOSR list
3. Should have above 52% or more marks in graduation
4. Should not have less than 50% in English
5. The IELTS waiver is not for nursing or education/teaching courses
6. Funds are to be shown for an entire year’s tuition fees and living expenses

The criterion is a cakewalk since it is nothing difficult or unimaginable. The demands to be fulfilled are quite nominal and minimal. And the provision being offered is exceptional. To get to do a master's course with the waiver of IELTS is mindboggling. It is not something that is common.

To apply for the same, Contact JUPITER CONSULTANTS for expertise counselling and an easy and faster admission process, we provide a plethora of options without confusing the student. Counsellors at Jupiter will keep both the negative and positive points before the student for a better understanding.

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